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Recovery From Hip Replacement

Recovery From Hip Replacement

Many times patients wonder how long does it take to recover from hip replacement.

A recent study in the Journal of Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy looked at recovery time and disability after a total hip replacement.

The authors found that the most rapid recovery takes place during the first 12-15 weeks. Progress was found to plateau between 30 and 40 weeks.

Another study found continued hip weakness and muscle atrophy up to 2 years post surgery. Other researchers found that an exercise program 4-12 months post hip replacement which targeted weight bearing and balance exercises resulted in improved strength, balance and reports of function.

These studies demonstrate how important it is to continue with an exercise program consisting of range of motion, stretching, strengthening, balance and cardiovascular exercises. This study and the other studies mentioned illustrate how important it is to continue with the home exercise program for up to 40 weeks post surgery.

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